Advanced Excel Modeling

“No matter how many systems a company has, how big they are, or how many millions of dollars have been spent on them, the reality is that the majority of data is exported to Advanced Excel before decisions of serious consequence are made.”
Ken Puls

Advanced Excel Spreadsheet Modeling

With an estimated 750 million users worldwide Excel is the dominant solution for analyzing and sharing data. It’s tabular design and comprehensive set of built in functions make it possible for business professionals to customize their own complex models. However despite the ubiquity, it is also estimated that less than 10 percent of the people using Excel employ the most powerful features such as Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting, VBA and advanced functions such as Index/Match and Array formulations.

Excel templates:

Excel – KPI Dashboard Demo

The following video illustrates a “Power Users” dashboard developed using just traditional Excel. The model is based on a fictional entity engaged in farming, operates from multiple locations, is a vertically integrated G.P.S and operates a fleet of equipment. All of the Excel advanced functions, capabilities and visualizations are demonstrated in this application. VBA is used to merge the data sets and update the dashboard.

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