“The state of technology in the world of data analytics now makes it easy to capture, blend and analyze data from multiple sources. This is an exciting time for businesses pursuing more control with management services that deliver better insight into the vast amounts of data that they generate and what is available in the cloud.”  _ Barry Kelly

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide management services to Central California small businesses. Based in the Salinas – Hollister – Gilroy – Morgan Hill – Fresno area, our goal is to improve productivity, reduce cost, increase profitability and manage cash flow.  Our approach is to gain insight to the actionable intelligence needed to make effective and timely decisions.  We harness the power of Microsoft Office 365 “self service” BI software. Our applications are cost effective because they are quick to develop, easy to implement and inexpensive to maintain. Our models yield results on par with enterprise level information systems.

Our Style:

Financial Services for:

Barry KellyBarry Kelly, Owner


“What gets measured gets done.” —Peter Drucker

We specialize in EPM cost accounting control systems and financial modeling.  We provide turnaround management services. We design custom applications that are capable of monitoring cash flow on a real time basis. Programs are created and processed independently from a companies legacy system and data warehouse on your desk PC or laptop. Updating your spreadsheets and models is automatic. There is no need for manual input and they can be ordered on demand.  Our focus is on Ag, Equipment & Trucking related small businesses, startups, established entities seeking reorganization and public entities.

  • Cost Accounting Systems
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Startup, Valuations, Sales & Acquisition Assistance
  • Interim CFO / Controller Management
  • Customized Cash flow Management Applications

Turnaround Management Services Approach

We work with your team on design and implementation so its understood:

  • What changes are being made
  • Why the company is dependent upon the changes
  • That each manager is committed to their respective metrics
  • How goal setting brings recognition to achievement
  • How to report on, customize  and share information
  • When the company and staff will see the benefits
  • Where it will take the company


bryte-servicesBryte Services is a management consulting company based in Salinas California. We  work with a companies existing software and infrastructure. Cost accounting control systems we  design isolate the key performance indicators (KPI’s) relevant to your company’s specific business model and management team. We will take the time to understand your company and  its culture to create a system that people can understand and embrace. We are dedicated towards achieving the desired results at your pace on time and budget.

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