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Excel  / Powerpivot Expertise:

Zip Excel develops financial models and BI applications using Microsoft Excel,  Powerpivot and Power BI . Used in combination they are capable of connecting to, combining and analyzing information from almost any source and sharing the results with anyone you choose. Because they are bundled with Office 365 they may already be available to your organization. Microsoft calls this technology “Self Service BI” . Excel power users can easily adapt to the technology because the commands and interface have a familiar look and design. Custom applications are created quickly and inexpensively in comparison to a traditional approach because there is no need to involve IT and database professionals. Our primary goal is to help you develop your own in-house expertise.  Together, we will create models that accurately and timely report results, measure performance and provide management better insight for making informed decisions that are easily shared. It is possible to merge data collected from devices such as GPS units, irrigation valve and equipment sensors, time keeping systems and Cloud based market or climate data with your internal databases, cubes or data warehouse. As a result, enterprise level analytics can be achieved on a standard desk PC or laptop. Other practical applications involve tying existing spreadsheets to their source which make it possible to update them automatically without the need for time consuming manual input or cutting & pasting. We are based out of Salinas and offer local onsite services throughout Northern California. We are geared for small business, organizations with unstructured reporting systems or new ERP implementations, troubled company situations and start-ups. Our primary focus is on the private Agriculture and Trucking industry but we also serve public entities. Services provided, results and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Excel Demos and Examples:

Email us and we will send you the files used in the videos:

Zip Excel designs and programs financial models using Excel, VBA and Power Pivot.Zip Excel designs and programs financial models using Excel, VBA and Power Pivot.

Why use Zip Excel ?

Excel Powerpivot BI applications from Microsoft Office365 give small business the power and capability to afford enterprise level data analytics. Solutions empower management with tools that measure  performance, control cost, manage resources and analyze marketing and financial trends. The Dashboard below is a live Power BI demonstration that you can interact with. It shows how we can help you model and summarize large cloud based datasets, merge them to your own and share it broadly with people even if they have no technical background or access to Office software. We offer free consultations, fixed price quotes and guarantee satisfaction.

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